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Sometimes a family loves touring with us so much that they choose to spend 24 hours of their vacation with Hawaii Jeep & Specialty Tours! This ohana wanted to see as much of Oahu as they could fit in, and they wanted to do it with a tour guide who could take them down the road less traveled and show them non-touristy spots, the true gems of Oahu. Hawaii Jeep & Specialty Tours was able to help! We planned two 12-hour tours to show them the beauty and charm of Oahu.

The first day was a tour of the west side – the best side of the island. Our first destination was the infamous road’s end on the western tip of the island! This area is beautiful, like most beaches in Hawaii, but what sets it apart from others is the stunning lava shoreline. What makes it even more unique is that if you were to hike out the northwestern-most point of the island, according to ancient Hawaiian tradition, it’s said that this is the spot where souls would jump into the spirit world or afterlife.

We took our guests to a gorgeous pristine, yet secluded beach that few people venture out far enough to see. This beautiful sandy beach offers stunning ocean views and is framed by the spectacular Waianae Mountain Range. No matter what direction you look, you’ll be mesmerized by the raw beauty of this beach. The family took some great photos here!

But Hawaii Jeep & Specialty Tours likes to make an adventure even more memorable for our guests, so it was time for some off-roading in the jeep! The guests had a blast! We went off-roading to two beaches, first stopping at another beautiful white sand beach that similarly is never crowded. Then we made our way over to a Secret Beach that tourists don’t know about!

Next, it was time for a different kind of adventure…a ridge hike. We scaled rocks as we climbed our way to the top of LAHILAHI for some spectacular views. Not only were the views amazing, but so were the family photos taken from the top! BLACK ROCK has some of the most amazing views of BABY MAKAHA Beach...views that won't be forgotten by this adventurous Mother and her HUNKY Sons!

There’s only one way to end a perfect day on the west side, and that’s by heading over to the secret west side lagoons…another place tourists would never find. Does it get any more beautiful that this? NEVER!

Let Hawaii Jeep & Specialty Tours be the highlight of your vacation to Hawaii! We can customize A SPECIAL DAY just for you and your family...6 Hours, 8 Hours, 10 or even a FULL 12 Hour request it...WE DO IT!

Interested in booking up to a 12 HOUR Custom Tour or multiple days with us?

Email us at:

or take a look at our current Tours and build a Custom Tour off them!

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