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Sometimes a family loves touring with us so much that they choose to spend 24 hours of their vacation with Hawaii Jeep & Specialty Tours! This ohana wanted to see as much of Oahu as they could fit in, and they wanted to do it with a tour guide who could take them down the road less traveled and show them non-touristy spots, the true gems of Oahu. Hawaii Jeep & Specialty Tours was able to help! We planned two 12-hour tours to show them the beauty and charm of Oahu.

Day two of the 24-hour tour began with a mini-food tour! We hit up Rainbow Drive-In for some delicious and authentic plate lunches, followed by Leonard’s Bakery for some famous Malasadas for our guests. Hawaii is known for it's unique foods and fusion tastes of around the not experience something new would be foolish.

After everyone was full, we headed into the lush and gorgeous Nuuanu Valley. It was time for a hiking adventure! We hiked through a bamboo forest, up a river, and deep into the jungle, making our way to a spectacular waterfall. What makes this waterfall so impressive is its height of over 50 feet. And most importantly, it also made for more great family pictures.

On our way back, we ventured off to check out some historic ruins deep in Nuuanu Valley. Then, it was time to hike another trail leading to small waterfalls and a swimming hole, supposedly once popular among Hawaiian royalty. Surrounded by many shades of green, this hike had a majestic feel to it, especially when the sunlight peaked through the trees.

Finally, we headed over to the east side of the island to complete the day by checking out a secluded local beach and a short hike to see the throne of the goddess of fire and lava, and the creator of the Hawaiian Islands, according to Hawaiian mythology. We spent the afternoon grabbing local foods and stopping at various beaches along the way. After that, our 24-hour tour was complete. In just two days, our guests had experienced an incredible variety of the beauty and adventures Oahu has to offer.

Whether you’re interested in hiking to see waterfalls, discovering beautiful and secret beaches, or circling the island for a taste of all it has to offer, Hawaii Jeep & Specialty Tours is here to help!

Let Hawaii Jeep & Specialty Tours be the highlight of your vacation to Hawaii! We can customize A SPECIAL DAY just for you and your family...6 Hours, 8 Hours, 10 or even a FULL 12 Hour day with either Sunrise or request it...WE DO IT!

Interested in booking up to a 12 HOUR Custom Tour or multiple days with us?

Or take a look at our current Tours and build a Custom Tour off them!

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