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A day HIKING with us is a day unlike any other.

We take pride when creating and designing a CUSTOM SPECIALTY TOUR just for you! Everyone has run of the mill itinerary tours, but that's not what we do here at Hawaii Jeep & Specialty Tours. Each of our Tours is a Custom Tour even if you just want to do a Circle island around Oahu. However, when it comes to create a Custom Hiking Tour we take your ideas and wants into the highest consideration and plan a perfect Hiking experience for you!

When it comes to Hiking on the islands Hawaii Jeep & Specialty Tours thinks and plans a day out on the aina unlike any other because we DON'T think like any other Tour company when it comes to Hiking across such an untamed terrain...At the base of who we are...we are EXPLORERS! We seek adventure and pushing the limits of our abilities…it’s in our DNA and there is no one or anything that will stop us in the pursuit of such discovery, not only of new surroundings, but of us from within.

You can’t CHAIN the human spirit and it’s sense of adventure and ones desire to go where no one has gone before. If explorers never did from our past where would we be today? Many, many pioneers and explorers did what they did for the love of exploring and hiking. So should we put limits on where we can explore and what we can That's why at Hawaii Jeep & Specialty Tours we know first hand what it means to be free in the outdoors and explore the vastness of the Hawaiian landscape. We'll plan and plot your Hiking adventure with us, while taking your skill level into considerations...Valley Hikes, Waterfalls Hikes and Mountainous Ridge Hikes. We'll plan and discuss the perfect adventure with our guests and let them know exactly what to bring and what to expect during their day.

When it comes to Hiking the Hawaiian landscape there are so many things to prepare for and being familiar with your surroundings is one of the most important as well as TRUSTING the people in your group. Depending on the size of your group that's visiting you could have between 1-3 Guides with you...Your Leader, your Wingman/Middle Floater and your Sweeper. If you are hiking with a group of 4 you'll have at least 2 guides with you. One up front and one behind the group. If the group is bigger than that you'll have an additional middle man. No question is a bad question when safety comes first in your group. Guides love to inform and we'll take every opportunity to educate the group on Hiking in Hawaii and answering any and all question the group may have. Hiking is one of the funnest activities to experience in Hawaii, but it’s no joke so everyone will have a full understanding of what they are about to do before we pass the trailhead. Customized Hiking Tours last between 6-12 Hours depending on what the clients want and what Hikes they choose to do.

Many of those who work within Hawaii Jeep & Specialty Tours have pioneered the Social Media revolution and hiking community. They have crossed entire ridges, camped for days a top the islands highest ridgelines and know the two main mountains rangers of Oahu like the back of their hand. When Hiking with us, we take your safety as the highest priority, but we take your enjoyment and fun a close second. We want you to enjoy and see things you never could on your own and we want you to feel and experience things you've never experienced. We've been there, we've done that...our reward is seeing the joy and smiles on the clients faces...That makes the day or days all worth while.

Hiking will be one of the most beautiful, amazing and rewarding activities you will experience while vacationing in Hawaii...Do it with the best people in the business and have a day that will live in your memories for a lifetime.

If you are interested in Booking a Custom Hiking Tour please email and contact directly and we'll get you all set up on designing a Specialty Tour just for you and your Party.

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