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All about OHANA with these TEXANS!

How do you go about planning your family’s very first trip to Hawaii when your ages span across 40 years? What kinds of activities can you plan that will allow each family member to experience their perfect dream vacation, yet won’t be too strenuous for the older folks? Well, Hawaii Jeep and Specialty Tours has you covered! Our guests, an ohana from Texas, chose Hawaii Jeep and Specialty Tours to take them on a custom Jeep tour to complete their unforgettable Hawaii vacation!

This Texas ohana had never traveled to beautiful Hawaii before, so they wanted a tour that would showcase the island’s scenic beauty without limiting the older members, while also meeting the interests of the younger members. What better place to start the tour than the iconic and serene Byodo-In Temple.

Being one of the most peaceful sights on the island, this Buddhist Temple allows a unique personal experience to anyone who visits. The beauty of this temple against the stunning backdrop of the Ko'olau Mountain range is enough to melt your stress away..but if it’s not, you can just find a place to meditate and empty your mind. You won’t be the only one!

Next, for a completely different type of experience, we headed over to China Walls to check out the magnificent rocky cliffs and stunning ocean views. The ohana watched the waves smash into the walls as they soaked up the sun and gorgeous landscape.

The guests had their hearts also set on seeing Hanauma Bay, so we headed there next. Although this is not normally a stop on the tour to Snorkel Hanauma, Hawaii Jeep and Specialty Tours was happy to accommodate their guests’ wishes. Once we were there, the family took a shuttle to the Nature Preserve to enjoy panoramic views of the bay. Some of the guests rented equipment to go snorkeling, while others relaxed on the pristine beach.

When the Texas ohana started to get hungry, we took them to the best food truck around..the Shrimp Shack! The family loved trying the different plate lunches the Shrimp Shack has to offer. Once everyone was full, it was time to continue on!

Now it was time to head to another beautiful, but unique destination…Laʻie Point. This park includes a unique view of a rock arch formation surrounded by beautiful blue ocean and Windward and North Shore views. The best part about this location is going over and discussing the Hawaiian legend of Laniloa!

Finally, we had to hit The Aloha General Store for shave ice before finishing our tour! The Texas ohana enjoyed this last treat before heading back to their hotel to get ready to fly home the next day. The tour was the perfect ending to their vacation in paradise.

Let Hawaii Jeep & Specialty Tours be the highlight of your vacation to Hawaii! We can customize a tour to give your group a taste of the beauty of Hawaii in one day and it can be for any age group!

Interested in booking a custom Tour with us: HAWAII JEEP & SPECIALTY TOURS

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