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We visit "BAY OF DREAMS" on the West Side of Oahu. There was once a man named Duke Kahanamoku who was the Ambassador of Aloha...Today we have been Blessed with Unko George Kalilikane...Today's Ambassador of Aloha.

What Kalilikane has been doing on the West Side of Oahu is inspirational and a testament to the kindness and aloha spirit that is much needed in this day and age. The Aloha is still strong in Hawaii and Unko George is proof of that! If you are interested in meeting Unko and taking a paddle Board lesson just join his "BAY OF DREAMS" facebook page and introduce yourself...He would love to talk story and meet you.

If interested in joining Unko for story telling and learning to Paddle Board please join him here and ask what is required of you to be a part of his "BAY OF DREAMS."

BAY OF DREAMS: https://www.facebook.com/bayofdreams/

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