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Here at Hawaii Jeep & Specialty Tours no one gets left behind, especially Seniors with our KUPUNA TOUR! From the time you first contact us till the moment we pick you up for your tour we'll be in constant contact with you helping to plan your special Senior Jeep Tour with us. Seniors sometimes assume they won't be able to see or do the same things younger folks experience on a Jeep Tour, but with us that's simply not true!

We can cater your Senior Jeep Tour for folks well into their 70's and you will still be allowed to do any of the things the younger crowds do. The only difference is we will do the same things, but do easier versions of the younger crowds options. You will not miss a thing on your Custom Senior Tour with us!

If you think Mountain Tops and waterfalls are off limits at your'll be mistaken!

Once you email us we'll start the discussion process of putting together your own personal Private Custom Tour...We'll set the itinerary and pick the perfect mountains, rainforest valleys and waterfalls that most Seniors will be able to do in reasonable shape. We'll go the extra mile to ensure that even at an older age you can still enjoy and see Hawaii the way it was intended to be seen!

There are many Tropical forest and botanical gardens that most Seniors can see in all their glory. As long as you are in decent shape for a senior and walk regularly you'll have no issues seeing these amazing views and jungle landscapes in Hawaii. As for Waterfalls there are few and far between when it comes to Waterfalls right off the roadway on the island of Oahu. There is no road to Hana here like Maui, but we know a few on island that are perfect for Seniors and are only 20-30 mins off the road!

When it comes to Customs Tours for Seniors we know you have a slightly different taste than the younger crowd and appreciate the History of our country more...especially if you had been in the Military, currently have family in the military or have lost loved ones there. We'll go the extra mile to not only show you, but give you the time to visit these historic locations here in Hawaii if that is your wish.

Our Custom 8 hour Private Jeep Tours start at $199.00 pp...BUT, not only do we work with you and customize your tour for FREE as Seniors, but you are also given your "KUPUNA DISCOUNT" as a Senior so the cost of your Tour Per Person is well below out 8 Hour Circle Island Tour at $159.00 pp!

With FREE PRIVATE CUSTOMIZATION and your Senior "KUPUNA DISCOUNT" your Custom Senior Jeep Tour for 8 hours is $129.00 pp!

If you are interested in booking your Custom Seniors Jeep Tour please email us directly at: and ask for our KUPUNA DISCOUNT!

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