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Updated: Aug 20, 2018

There are too many Tour Companies to choose from these days, some are NOT private, some are semi and some are 100% PERSONAL & PRIVATE. To actually do PRIVATE and PERSONAL Tours they need to be friends and family only and sometimes guests don't really understand what they are getting when they pay more for a Personal Experience.

We are one of the VERY FEW who talk to our guests one on one well in advance of their tour...We just don't do their tour, we give them advice about their vacation to Hawaii in general and advise them to do our tour early in their trip so that they can go back and visit the many secret locations we show them during their day with us. We give them advice on places to eat, activities to do and places to visit as well. We just don't get you booked on a tour with us and forget about you. That's not the ALOHA WAY and it's not the way you treat ohana.

Many guests visiting Hawaii have a check list of what to get done before they arrive in Hawaii. Many think setting up Tours is not one of the essential things to do beforehand, but this is one of the most important things to set up before you get here. Those who don't take the time to put Tours on their check list usually end up booking a horrible Bus or Van tour that in no way shape or form can compare to the personal, private and VIP Service you get from a CUSTOM & PRIVATE JEEP TOUR company like us here at HAWAII JEEP & SPECIALTY TOURS. Because we are a small, private and family run business our Tours book well in advance so if you are looking to book us while on island you likely have missed your opportunity to do so.

I'm not sure Travelers understand that Bus and Van Tours are basic run of the mill Tours that have a strict itinerary and don't deviate from it because there are between 12-60 guests...You become more like sheep or sardines if you ask us. You simply CAN NOT experience the TRUE Hawaii that way, so booking a PRIVATE TOUR in advance is best!

On average the Big BUS and VAN tours are charging you $100 per person to see a very small amount of the island, at many of these places you just drive by and never stop. Sometimes we wonder if they are tours or really expensive Taxi services! That's NOT WHAT WE DO...for about $50 more per person your tour is private, personal, where just you and your family decide what and where to go and what you want to do.

This can be planned in advance or the day you do the tour...just tell your Guide and he/she will be on-board with creating your personal adventure! Although we have itineraries so that guests can get an idea of what they are doing nothing is written in stone because it's just you, your family and friends and we don't need to be solid on any plans when it's only you deciding what you want to do or how long you want to stay at one spot.

The greatest thing about planning your Personal, Private JEEP Tour in advance of your trip is giving you time to do your own research when you are still home on things you want to see...You already have us booked, now you want to let us know what you want to do and see. If you book with us 1-6 months in advance it gives you plenty of time to communicate with us by e-mail and allow you to talk to your guide so that you can have your day planned out and know exactly what you will be doing and seeing.

If you picked our 8 HOUR CIRCLE ISLAND TOUR and want to include a Waterfall or a Rainforest Hike or a Sunset to end your day on the North Shore...We'll make it happen! No 2 tours are a like and we would never want it that way. You could come out year after year, pick the same Tour and it would never be like the last one...That's what we do, that's our specialty...Customizing your excursions and adventures personally for you and you alone. If you're interested in Customizing any of our Tours PLEASE EMAIL us personally at: and we can get to work on creating your personal Tour for you!

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