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Exploring Hawaii's Secret Waterfalls

Lua'alaea Falls is a BEAUTIFUL Moderate Hike for experience Waterfall Hunters looking to take the road less traveled. After a heavy rain Lua'alaea Falls is the most beautiful waterfall found in Manoa. This water chamber is one of the many, many lesser known waterfalls and less trekked paths within the Valley of Manoa Falls.

The Hiking community knows this, the locals know this, but the Tourist and vacationers DON'T. While all the tourist are packing in Manoa Fall we are right there on the other side of the stream bed finding our own waterfalls only feet away. The trail that leads to Lua'alaea Falls branches off the start of the Manoa Falls trail and goes up Lua'alaea stream...However, don't assume it will be easy to find the trail's not!

It's 2 hours in and 1 hour out, but for picture taking and having lunch and talking story at the falls it's best to tack on another hour. It may be an a beautiful hike, but it can get very muddy and slippery and there are several areas where you need to hug the stream bed leaving you open to falling into the stream below, which would be about a 10 foot drop so one does need to be careful when this area is wet and slippery as the root system can cause some issues over the rocks. The other concern for novice hikers with little experience in the Hawaiian Rainforest is the ability to get lost and lose ones can happen here, so be cautious!

There is only one incline area at the start and one area to climb to the main falls. This trail is in the jungle and the brush is thick unlike Manoa falls trail which is well groomed because it's a state run trail. This trail is 80% up the stream bed. This Waterfall has a treat in store because it really has TWO waterfalls, Lower Lua'alaea and the main falls. You can see a smaller one while you look upon the larger falls in the background. A really beautiful and captivating site to see.

This trail to Lua'alaea is off the beaten path down the road less traveled so if you are not an avid hiker and understand marker systems and faint will get lost. This trail won't be for you! It's highly advised you either go with someone like us who know the trail or a Private Master Guide you trust from the islands. This waterfall is not a far way from Naniuapo Falls and The Seven Bridges of Manoa Hike which leads to Waiakeakua Falls where several beautiful waterfalls are. Manoa Valley's Trail system is amazing and the Waterfall system within them are endless. If you are interested in exploring the untamed Hawaii, send us an email and we'll put an awesome day together for you and your group.

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