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MAUKA to MAKAI in 4 Hours!

Our HALF DAY ISLAND TOUR is a 4 hour Half Day Hiking and Beach Adventure. We take you to some of Oahu’s most beautiful local locations, so you can quickly see what this Gathering Place is most famous. No one does a 4 hour tour where you hike mountain ridglines, have lunch on a secluded beach and hike a valley waterfall.

We here at Hawaii Jeep & Specialty Tours understand that not everyone wants to spend 8-10 hours on tour or even several days traveling the island. Some have a desire to relax on their vacation and maybe spend a day or half day seeing as much as possible of the island. That is why we created the HALF DAY Mauka To Makai 4 Hour Island Tour. You'll see a little bit of everything...Hike mountain ridgelines, do sightseeing, have lunch on a secluded beach, see waterfalls! With us we have timed this type of day out perfectly to fit all those activities in just 4 hours!

We'll cover some amazing sightseeing areas as we traverse the island...than we'll be hiking an awesome WWII Pillbox Hiking trail for your Ridgeline mountain hike for the first Hour and a Half then we'll be grabbing Lunch at the Shrimp Shack on a secluded beach for the next hour and you can take a dip in the turquoise blue ocean. Then we'll be heading to the Old Nuuanu Waterfall which is an amazing jungle hike deep into the rainforest for the next Hour and a Half. Between our Pilbox and Waterfall hike we'll be stopping at China Walls, Halona Cove, Lanai lookout, Sandy Beach and Alan Davis. From jagged coastlines to sprawling sandy beaches, we planned out the perfect Day!

If you don't have the time or even if you don't have the money...this is the BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK TOUR you could EVER do on OAHU! You'll see more in this 4 hours than many see in their entire vacation! If you have limited time and want to see as much of the island as possible with a limited time frame give our Mauka to Makai 4 HOUR Island Tour a try! 4 HOUR ISLAND TOUR

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