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Hawaii FOOD the LOCAL way

Updated: Jul 7, 2018

No matter how many times you come to Hawaii the LOCAL FOOD is always one of the top things to try out while here. From Malasadas and Poke to Loco Moco and Spam Wasabi...The local Ono Grindz can't all be covered in a day, but here at Hawaii Jeep & Specialty Tours we'll make sure to get you a taste of the best Hawaii has to offer!

We have our 6 HOUR Specialty Local Food Tour...but if requested we can extend to 8 hours for an extra fee as long as you have the stomach for

We'll be hitting up Leonard’s Bakery to grab some Hot Malasadas first. Next we’ll grab the best Loco Moco at He’eia Pier or whatever the Fresh catch of the day is like Seared Ahi and local caught prawns.

Once we get our fill there we'll head to the Famous Mike’s Huli Huli Chicken to try the Best Kiawe Wood cooked Huli Chicken on Oahu. Next we hit up the Kona Coffee and Macadamia Nut Tropical Farms.

We'll head to the Famous Yellow Shrimp Shack for some of the best Local Garlic and Coconut Shrimp. From there we head to Kahuku Land Farms Farmers Market and grab some famous North Shore fried banana lumpia and you are welcome to pick up fresh fruit as well.

Next we’ll stop at Ted’s Bakery for Coconut Haupia chocolate pie. Next we’ll head into Haleiwa Town and either grab a Haleiwa Acai Bowl or get the Famous Hawaiian Shave Ice...or BOTH depending on how full you are! From there we head to the Last original TIKI BAR in Hawaii for Pupu's and Zombies to close out your VERY FILLING DAY!

If you are interested in taking this one of a kind Specialty Food Tour to all the awesome local places on the island we'd love to have you! Please remember, nothing is written in stone so if you want the BEST POKE on the island or are DYING for some COCO PUFFS or are looking for some ICE CREAM or BUTTER MOCHI we can stop to get you some!

If you'd like to book our LOCAL FOOD TOUR: Local Food *SPECIALTY Tour

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