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HAWAII HD III (Lucky We Live Hawaii)

Wayde's LONG AWAITED follow up to his popular Videos, HAWAII HD ( The Islands of Aloha ) and HAWAII HD II ( The Spirit of Aloha ) HAWAII, one of the most beautiful places on Earth and the place I call home.

We focus on Oahu, the gathering place of the pacific. The Spirit of Hawaii is alive and well, through the Mana of the aina and through it's people there is a spirit here that can only be felt if you visit these beautiful islands.

Wayde look back at the adventures of the LAST 20 YEARS on Oahu, reflecting on the blessings of the sights, sounds and smells that have been experienced.

"I am truly LUCKY TO LIVE HAWAII. I hope you visit us here in Hawaii, where the road less traveled stirs ones heart and awakens the dreams within us all."

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