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JEEP TOUR for FIVE Please!

Updated: May 2, 2019

Everyone has their own version of paradise and this family from Brooklyn, NY certainly had theirs. Although at Hawaii Jeep & Specialty Tours we pride ourselves on the most original and customizable Tour itineraries in all of Hawaii, sometimes you are ask to go above and beyond that....and we always will if such requests are made!

When these crazy New Yorkers had been picked up they had been talking a mile a minute and being their first trip to Hawaii they wanted to see not only things that had been listed on our Island Tour, but things they had looked up at home and researched on the internet. Some of these things we didn't even had listed in our tours, but the Guide made RAINBOW DRIVE-INN the first stop to grab some LOCO MOCO's for everyone and discuss the new Itinerary over Breakfast!

It was THAT SIMPLE with us. Our Master guides can create NEW itineraries on the FLY for any of our guests as it only takes a short sit down during your tour to manage and figure out what the plan is for your day. These are the things other Tour companies JUST CAN'T DO...even small private copycat Tour companies like ours can't do it because they are limited on the time they have to do a tour. Many private companies only do 5-7 hour island tours and even shorter 4-6 hour tours...We JUST DON'T DO THAT! Our Tours are FULL DAY TOURS that are 6-10 hours and we still don't mind extended those tours beyond the full day if it is required to complete a guests request.

Ensuring our guests get to see and do everything they want in their day with us is TOP PRIORITY and we make every effort to make it happen. From the moment you contact us for the first time by phone or email till well after we drop you off back at your resort. We make sure everything is to your satisfaction as we hope you return to join us again...not as Vacationers, but as Friends!

If you want to book a Tour with Hawaii Jeep & Specialty Tours and Create a special day just for you and your family please reach out to us at:

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