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HAWAII in a NEW YORK minute!

Everyone has their own Vision of paradise and this couple NY certainly had theirs. Although Hawaii Jeep & Specialty Tours has the most original and customizable Tour itineraries in all of Hawaii, sometimes things don't always work out as expected!

This crazy couple planned their tour with us last minute and to be honest...we are lucky to have fit them in...One of the things you always want to remember is PLAN YOUR JEEP ADVENTURE at least 1 MONTH IN ADVANCE! We BOOKED OUT FAST and getting a Tour with us 3 days out is essential impossible, but this day they had been in luck! The couple had never been to Hawaii so we knew we had to do some of the sightseeing spots, but lots of private areas so this couple could relax and enjoy the reasons they chose to vacation in Hawaii in the first place.

These two wanted breakfast and so we waited for them to eat...It's about the guest and if they wanted to spend an hour and a half chilling for breakfast...We'll wait for you to do that. From that point we knew we had basically been playing catch up on the tour, but we didn't want to make the couple feel rushed so on the fly we created a custom itinerary that they requested where they didn't feel rushed and could spend plenty of lazy time on the beaches swimming and on the ridgelines hiking to check out many of the beautiful views Hawaii has to offer.

These are the things other Tour companies JUST CAN'T DO because they are not PRIVATE...even small copycat Tour companies like ours can't do it because they are limited on the time they have to do a tour. Many small personal companies only do 4-7 hour tours...We JUST DON'T DO THAT! Our Tours are FULL DAY TOURS that are 6-10 hours and we still don't mind extended those tours beyond the full day if it is required to complete a guests request.

We spent the entire day going to locations that allowed them to relax and go at their own pace...even though we got off to a late start this NY Couple never felt rushed and yet saw so much for their first Tour on the islands...Finally when we got them back to their resort at 6:30pm the Sun was setting and the day was complete success.

We always want to ensure our guests get to see and do everything they want on their day with us. It's TOP PRIORITY and we make every effort to make it happen. From the moment you contact us for the first time by phone or email till well after we drop you off back at your resort. We make sure everything is to your satisfaction as we hope you return to join us again...not as Vacationers, but as Friends!

If you want to book a Custom Couples Tour with Hawaii Jeep & Specialty Tours and Create a special day just for you and your loved one please reach out to us at:

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