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I'm sure we can all imagine why Hawaii continues to be the #1 destination for Hollywood when it comes to filming locations for the biggest movie blockbusters in the United States...You just can't beat Hawaii's untamed beauty!

This 8 HOUR MOVIE TOUR will not only allow you to see the beauty of Hawaii, but smell it and taste it as well. Hawaii has been the perfect destination for filming movies. Hawaii has the most consistent beautiful weather in the world, has great talent, and Hawaii offers a lot of tax breaks when it comes to filming on the islands. Naturally Hawaii's main attraction is its geography and topography. It can honestly duplicate or double for most places around the world from Brazil, Africa, to Snow caped mountain tops. Anywhere warm, tropic, exotic or cold and snowy...It can even double for other worlds and planets like at the top of the Volcanic crater on Maui "HALEAKALA" .

Hawaii has been the setting of Movies like South Pacific, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Tropic Thunder, Waterworld, and George of the Jungle, but believe it or not the movies that started it all here in Hawaii was Bing Crosby's 1938 film "Waikiki Wedding", but then in the 50's it was movies like "From Here to Eternity", "South Pacific".

Elvis Presley BLEW HAWAII wide open in the 60's with "Blue Hawaii" and several other movies he filmed in Hawaii. Elvis did more to promote Hawaii than anyone else at the time. After that the original hit TV series HAWAII FIVE-0 set a new benchmark in the late 60's all the way up to 1980. From that point the original Magnum P.I has a great run. Beyond the 80's is when things really picked up for Hawaii!

Many famous Movies and TV Shows have been filmed over the years on Oahu and on our Tour we'll be stopping at many of these LOCATIONS: Lost, Hawaii Five-0 and Magnum P.I. locations will be seen on this tour. We’ll also be taking you to an endless list of Movie Production locations so that you can take pictures of those moments you remember in the films. At these locations they have filmed Movies like; 50 First Dates, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Mike and Dave need Wedding dates, Jurassic Park, Godzilla, King Kong, Kong, Skull Island, Hunger Games, Pirates of the Caribbean, Blue Crush, The Descendants, From Here to Eternity, Blue Hawaii, Jumanji and many others.

You'll not only be getting an educated view of the island, but knowledge about it's history and culture as well. Hawaii itself is the cake and the Movie locations just complete it as the frosting! If you are interested in not only seeing the island and all it's beauty, but captivating movie locations as well this is the best of both worlds and highly recommended!

Join us on our MOVIE TOUR: Book our Hawaii Movie *SPECIALTY Tour

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