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We have taken many people on tours over the past 7 years, but our SPECIALTY at Hawaii Jeep & Specialty Tours has always been customization! No Honeymoon tour is alike! We want original customizable days where the Honeymooners feel they are the only two on Earth. It's about the Ali'i Treatment and treating them like Royalty!

Today we took a very special couple from the East Coast on their Honeymoon tour...For these newlyweds this was their first time to Hawaii so we wanted to make sure they both saw the best Hawaii has to offer while at the same time gave them the ability to have plenty of alone time with each other.

We made every effort to cover the best of the best for this couple during their 8 hour custom honeymoon tour ...From tropical rainforest valleys with cascading waterfalls to green lush mountainous ridgelines over looking volcanic calderas. Lucky for them they chose the right Jeep Tour business to show them the best Hawaii has!

Getting up close and personal with hawaii's flora and fauna is essential in establishing relationships with the guests, the guides and Hawaii itself. Educating them about sustainability and preserving the Hawaiian culture as well as Hawaii's wildlife will ensure that all this stays in the minds of all of us for generations to come. When guests go on tour and then return home they not only have a greater understanding of Hawaii, but a heightened sense of appreciation for the aloha spirit.

By time we ended this Tour 10 hours later we had covered most of the island and this newlywed couple had a clearer understand of Hawaii, it's history, it's culture, it's geography, and it's flora and fauna....but they didn't have of PAU HANA we brought them to the oldest and Last Tiki Bar on Oahu. ZOMBIES FOR EVERYONE!

If you are interested in a total customizable Honeymoon tour or any out of the ordinary custom tour please give us a call or email us directly and we can work on a custom tour that best suits what you want to see and do for your day with us!

Call: 808.755.9356 or email us at:

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