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Who said you can't bring your Dogs, Cats, Birds or any other pet of yours with you on our CUSTOM JEEP TOURS. Here at Hawaii Jeep & Specialty Tours we allow ALL FAMILY MEMBERS on tour with us...and why not...if they are a part of your family, they are a part of ours! It's all about including everyone on your one is left behind!

Here at Hawaii Jeep & Specialty Tours we include every member of the family and we sit down on the phone with the Pet owners to discuss what and where the owners would like to go with their animal friends.

You could be visiting with your Pet and just don't want to leave them in your Hotel room, You could have just moved and want to discover your new home with your Pet friends or you have lived here for a while and want to check out all the Pet friendly places you can go to in Hawaii. No matter the reason we have a Pet itinerary for you and your animals family!

For us it's always about Ohana and leaving no one behind. We pride ourselves on being the most personable and private Jeep Tour company in the Hawaiian Islands and we never settle for second best. Our guests and visitors to the islands come first as do their pets. We would never expect less in our own lives so why would we with you!

The Owner and Master Guide of Hawaii Jeep Tours, Wayde Allen Fishman, is a HUGE Animal lover and Pet owner himself. He never felt there was a place for owners to bring their animal family members with them on island adventures. NOW THERE IS!

Wayde's Open and Modified Off Road Safari Jeeps are perfect for the Adventurous family and their awesome animals. Depending on what animals you have Wayde and Hawaii Jeep & Specialty Tours will accommodate your Big adventurous Dog with Beach swims, wide open Park runs and Jungle Treks! If you have Small Dogs we'll narrow those adventures down to your Dogs personality.

If you are ready to get your Cat on a leash and explore the Jungles and parks of Hawaii our Custom Jeep Tour with your Cat is the perfect way to get your indoor Cat out of the House and into an exploratory phase. Cats are hunters, explorer and desire the outdoors to do what they are born to do. There is nothing like getting your indoor cat out into the Jungle to see, feel and hear what it's like to be a predator.

If you have other Pets like Birds/Parrots or other four legged friends we build an itinerary around they owners and the pet. For Parrots we'll be sure to explore the inner valleys, waterfalls and jungles. Give your bird a chance to be a part of nature while at the same time exploring parts of Hawaii you may have never seen before yourselves.

Here at Hawaii Jeep & Specialty Tours it's always about the customer and what they desire. If you can think it, we can do it. If you want us to think of everything and put it on our shoulders we will! All we require is you let us know about your family Pet, how old, what they like, what they don't, and their personality and we'll be on our way to creating the perfect Tour for you and your animals family members! For all Custom Tours like this please E-mail us personally with some background on your animals and a picture and we'll get back to you on an adventure of a lifetime for your entire ohana!

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