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Updated: Sep 30, 2018

We are SUPER STOKED to be offering the ONLY JEEP SPECIALTY LAND & SEA TOUR on the islands of Hawaii. It's been a long process getting the permits and captains papers, but it's all going to be worth it to offer a one of a kind JEEP TOUR Experience!

It's not easy offering exclusive Tours like this in Hawaii...especially here on Oahu where it's a "dog eats dog" world and where people are out to copy and steal your ideas & concepts and pass them off as their own. Unfortunately this is pretty common on these islands so guests need to watch who they are booking with!

Unlike other tours the ability to offer such an adventure like this is very, very difficult. Very few have the know how and capability of putting together a land & sea tour. We spent a LONG TIME putting this together and offering a ONE OF A KIND LAND & SEA JEEP TOUR that NO ONE is capable of offering here on the island of OAHU.

We are the only LAND & SEA Specialty Jeep Tour on the island of Oahu. We'll be picking up guests from Waikiki and then be traveling 3 hours by LAND in our Modified Open Safari Jeeps around the South and East side of Oahu. We'll be stopping at all the hidden gems of the Windward side from it's many Beautiful Beaches to scenic Volcanic Mountain Ridges along the way to Kaneohe. Once there we'll be making our way to He'eia Pier for a wonderful local island lunch serving everything from local fish and shrimp to the He'eia's famous LOCO MOCO before we head out on the water.

Once we finish lunch we'll be heading out to the SECRET BEACH for 3 hours by SEA in our (2-6 passenger) Hurricane SD 187 Sport Boat called the "ATLAS". We'll be providing your small group with snorkeling gear, lounge chairs and umbrellas to enjoy your beautiful day on the water in the middle of nowhere.

You can have your own beach to explore and enjoy yourself. This is one of the great things about this adventure…We’ll be sure to get away from anyone that may be out on the water so that you have the place to yourselves. There is plenty of space for everyone out there...We want our guests to enjoy their visit on the water as much as we want the locals to enjoy their day also.

BYOB and we'll provide the ice and coolers! *You are welcome to wear sneakers and Flip Flops, bring a backpack, beach towels and swim trunks and what ever else you think you'll need out there on the water. We'll provide you with refreshments so don't worry about that. If we are having fun and we go over our time...Hey...No worries!

SECRET BEACH is a popular picnicking spot among locals particularly among those who have a boat! It's one of the largest bays in the Hawaiian Islands. During low tide, atolls emerge and form small shallow and temporary landmasses. During high tide, the water is about waist deep dropping off the edges.

From the many atolls you can see all of the Bay, from an ocean vantage point you are able to see the endless Koolau Mountain range. For many of us who live here this is a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of Waikiki and it's tourism...We prefer to just take our lounge chairs, put them on Secret Beach at low tide, have a beer and forget the world. No matter what you do it's a slice of heaven!

If you're interested in booking our "LAND & SEA Specialty Tour" please know we start booking in NOVEMBER 2018: BOOK OUR LAND AND SEA TOUR

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