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Choosing to go on a ONCE IN A LIFETIME adventure in an unfamiliar place can be stressful. You want to push yourself and do something adventurous, something thrilling, but you don't want to put your life in danger in the process. We here at Hawaii Jeep & Specialty Tours do CUSTOM ADVENTURES far beyond our 9 Tours we offer on our Website. If you can dream it...We can make it come true for you!

We cater to the TRUE ADVENTURER who wants to see and do things the average visitor never gets the opportunity to do. At Hawaii Jeep & Specialty Tours we put SAFETY and FUN above the rest...everything else just falls in place. We want to push the guest to the limits allowing them to discover a new part of themselves without putting them in danger.

One of the most thrilling things you can do in Hawaii is going on an adventurous HAWAII RIDGE HIKE that not only takes you up a Ridge to the (KST) Ko'olau Summit Trail, but takes you ACROSS IT. Without the knowledge and expertise to cross the KST you can get yourself in a world of trouble, but with us and our 20 plus years experience we know these ridges and the summit trail like the back of our hands. This allowing you and your party to be 100% safe at all times on your wonderful adventure.

Ridge and Summit Trail Adventures like this could last anywhere between 8-12 Hours so we'll prepare you well in advance on what to expect and what to bring on your Hiking day with us. Custom Adventures like this are a "Once in a Lifetime Experience" and we pride ourselves on ensuring it's a day you never forget and a day we take plenty of images for you to take home.

At the end of any great adventure we'll always be sure to take you for some ONO GRINDZ and BEERS to end the day...After all, you did accomplish something very few visitors get the opportunity to do!

If you are interested in booking your party on a CUSTOM DAY ADVENTURE please contact us through email or by phone and we can start building your day with us!

Don't wait till the last MONTHS in Advance!

Want to book a Tour with us? HAWAII JEEP & SPECIALTY TOURS

Email us directly:

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