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North Shore Beaches and Rainbows

Hawaii Jeep and Specialty Tours are not only for tourists…They are also for those who have recently moved to Hawaii want to get accustomed to their new home, and Hawaii Jeep and Specialty Tours is here to help! We wanted these Hawaii residents to explore spots on Oahu they hadn’t yet experienced and so a custom Hawaii Jeep Tour was designed specifically for them.

This custom tour started early with breakfast at Liliha Bakery in town, at the request of the hungry guests. After everyone was full, it was time for this beach adventure to begin! These friends sat together in the backseat and caught up on life as we made the trek from town to the North Shore. Once we got up to the North Shore, we started with a quick stop at a scenic lookout, and then it was time to hit the beaches.

We took the guests to some of the most gorgeous, yet non-touristy beaches on the North Shore. Snuggled between the stunning Waianae Mountains and the gorgeous blues of the ocean, these friends spent time relaxing on the first beach. They took a walk down the shoreline, collecting coral and sea glass.

At our next beach, the girls decided to go for a swim to cool off. A huge tree had washed up onto this beach, which made for a great photo session with the girls! At this point, the girls were starving again, so it was time for lunch! Since one of the guests was a vegetarian, we made our way over to the infamous Ted’s Bakery for their huge variety of options. Lunch was ordered to go, and we took it over to the beautiful and secluded Kawela Bay to eat.

It started to rain a bit as we walked to find a perfect spot to enjoy our picnic lunch, but little did they know that the guests were about to experience the largest, most vibrant, and long-lasting rainbow they had ever seen! As the guests found their spot for lunch, there happened to be a pineapple sitting on the sand, which again made for another perfect photo-op! After lunch, the guests explored the area, walking through the forest and along the bay, and then we started to stumbled upon the most incredible rainbow!

The sun was shining while the rain was pouring down on us, so then we started to chase down this elusive amazing rainbow around Kawela Bays Peninsula! Making our way over to the peninsula pillbox, we captured a picture-perfect moment of the girls standing on the pillbox underneath the rainbow. It was an amazing photographic capture and a memory these friends will remember for the rest of their lives.

Finally, it was time for a few more stops before heading to get some shave ice. I’m pretty sure the expressions on the girls’ faces while eating their shave ice say it all……. It was a PERFECT day in paradise! What made this day even better for the guests was having a guide who could take professional pictures of them all day so they can relive these moments forever. Whether you’re on vacation or a resident here on the islands, let Hawaii Jeep and Specialty Tours take you out on an adventure of a lifetime!

When you are ready to get serious about your once in a lifetime trip to Hawaii get your Hawaii Jeep Tour booked with us first and start planning months in advance!

We pride ourselves on working with you on your Custom and Specialized tour for your family or friends. Don't wait till the last minute...

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