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Hawaii Jeep & Specialty Tours is just not a Tour Company...It's so much fact it's unlike any entity in the entire island chain! Hawaii Jeep & Specialty Tours is owned and operated by Wayde Fishman and his family. The entire vision circles around OHANA (family) where everyone works together and no one gets left behind. Wayde and family extends that to everyone they meet...friends, family and guests. They are an Eco friendly tour company, the largest volunteer based nonprofit in Hawaii and do off grid consulting with local people, teaching them sustainable living so they can stay in Hawaii and teach their own children sustainable living for generations to come.

Back in 2009 when Wayde Fishman began his Journey into the Tourism business he wanted to create something no one was doing in Hawaii. Creating a private and personal experience with his HAWAII JEEP TOURS was a process and vision that took years. At the same time Wayde was determined to give back to Hawaii with his nonprofit 808 CLEANUPS and at the same time try to help and educate the local people on how to live a sustainable life with LIVING OFF GRID IN HAWAII so it would enable them to stay in Hawaii because of the high cost of living.

Trying to do ALL THREE was a big undertaking, but to do it everything depended on one known Hawaiian way of life...OHANA. With family anything is possible and so the journey began. It has been an uphill battle with many road blocks and greed from outside sources, but in the end Wayde has accomplished something few ever have...To BUILD a family...not a BUSINESS!

Today Wayde took time out of his busy schedule to show a group of Supporters of his Tour business, nonprofit, off grid living and even his Radio Podcast around Oahu. For Wayde, showing those who support good causes deserve a slice of paradise few see. From all over the United States these "Ohana Supporters" had the opportunity to stay with Wayde personally and be show some of the most beautiful places Oahu has to offer over an extended 4 day weekend.

Every side of Oahu is beautiful and no side is a like. From the West Side Beaches and Ridge lines to the East Sides Kaneohe Bay and Ko'olau Mountains...Oahu has so much beauty to offer and Wayde wanted to show these members of his OHANA the places he loves to visit on his own down time.

When Wayde shows you Hawaii he always wants to ensure there is the smallest footprint upon Hawaii, that is why his groups are so small when touring or showing friends or family the islands. He may sacrifice some things financially, but that's not top priority for Wayde like it is for most of his competitors. For Wayde education comes first with safety and fun a close second. Wayde wants everyone to learn and understand the Hawaiian Culture and how important and essential it is to sustaining Hawaii's future for generations to come.

Preserving and protecting Hawaii's unique culture, location on this planet and eco system is essential. This OHANA that Wayde has nourished & educated is a special group of people that come from all over the world. These are members of Wayde's Family and they are treated as such. However, anyone that takes a Tour with Wayde's business or volunteers with his nonprofit or is involved with him and the local community building sustainable solutions for locals is treated no different!

Authenticity is Wayde's calling, educating others about Hawaii's culture and Hawaii's unique place on this Earth is his purpose. Wayde and his families love for these islands can been seen and felt as soon as you start your adventure with him or anyone from his Ohana. When planning your Trip to Hawaii make sure you include Hawaii Jeep & Specialty Tours into your plans...not only will you never regret'll never forget it. You'll not only be building friendships that will last a lifetime, but also an Ohana that will be here for you whenever you need them. For all your own friends and family planning on coming to Hawaii...they are OHANA as well.

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