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Our 8 HOUR Circle Island Tour is not only our most popular tour here at Hawaii Jeep & Specialty Tours, but its 100% customizable. This allows guests to dictate how long we stop at each location and where each location will be if they have a desire to see certain places during their day. We always give our guests the ability to extend their day to see a beautiful Sunset if that's their desire. We simply asked that the guest tips their ohana guide additionally for their time.

It's the smiles we leave on the guests faces that tell us everything we need to know on how everyone enjoyed their day with us!

We do our tours differently than everyone else. With us it's about our guests being shown around the island by a friend or old family member they haven't seen in a while. It's essential that you become comfortable after getting into one of our Highly Modified Jeeps. Although an agenda is prepared we'll go at your discretion.

We don't expect NEW GUESTS to Hawaii to know all the special locations around the islands. This is why we are well prepared to show you all our secret spots that we love to visit ourselves on our days with our own families. If you have a focus on mountains, jungles, beaches or even Hawaiian foods we will cater and focus on those items and locations during your day. At any time we can change direction!

Today guests want to have a personal and private tour that centers on their needs and desires. They choose a private tour with their friends and family because they want to focus on family time and being alone together. We understand that and want to ensure

the locations we go on tour allow your family or friends to do that. We pick less known and secluded locations allowing you to feel at peace and alone.

Touring our guests around the island comes easy...all of us at Hawaii Jeep & Specialty Tours have either lived on these islands over 20 years or have been born here. We know the islands like the back of our hands. We understand you want peace and quite on your tour. We want you to see things you have never seen before and we know you want to forget the rest of the world when you are with us. We've been there ourselves, we know what you expect, because we know what we expect of ourselves.

We don't run on strict time frames...We go at your pace. This is a family run business and we understand your day is important with us. The same way our own family comes first...SO DO YOU! When you spend your day with us we have no where else to be except with you. So while other tour companies rush guests around doing 4-6 hour day tours, we DON'T! Plan on chillaxing with Hawaii Jeep & Specialty Tours...there will be no rushing for us to get you back to your resort...We live on HAWAIIAN TIME!

When you are starting to get ready and begin the process of booking your Hawaii Vacation make sure you get your Hawaii Jeep Tour booked with us first and start planning months in advance!

We pride ourselves on working with you on your Custom and Specialized tour for your family & friends. Don't wait till the last MONTHS in Advance!

Want to book a Tour with us? HAWAII JEEP & SPECIALTY TOURS

Email us directly:

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