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Our PUU MA ELI ELI Adventure!

PUU MA ELI ELI takes us deep into the Jungle mountain side of Kaneohe bay on the far east side of Oahu and explore the beauty which is the trail of (Digging Hill)

Finding the trailhead is not easy, but if you find it you will be on a short journey to one of the most amazing views of Kaneohe bay...only about one hour to the top Pillbox with an elevation gain of less then 1,000 feet (time will depend on stops and picture taking) this easy trail with a few slight inclines and one rope incline near the end will be great for all family members as well as dogs and children over the age of 7. This hike is a 3 mile round trip and under normal circumstances should be complete from start to finish between 2-3 hours max depending on how much time you stay at the top and have lunch or not. This trail must be done at the perfect time, because more often then not Kaneohe is cloud covered, not allowing you the maximum view...

TIMING IS EVERYTHING ON THIS HIKE so look for a day with perfect weather. It took us four trips to land the weather perfectly to film this. I am blessed everytime I enter the aina and explore it's beauty and so we all should have the right to as well, but what I have seen over my many years of living and being a part of Hawaii since the age of seven is the changes taking place and the youth of today disrespecting the aina, the land...We must teach our children to live Pono, to live as one with the land and earth and that starts with the parents and our education system...So please, when hiking paradise, respect the Hawaiian culture, respect the Hawaiian land and treat it as you would your own Hale, Home and your own Ohana,'s the rightous thing to do...Aloha everyone and Mahalo...

See you out there soon again on "The Road Less Traveled"

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