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When you come on vacation to paradise, you must make time to go out and play! What better way to enjoy all paradise has to offer than to take a Personal and Private Circle Island Jeep Tour with Hawaii Jeep and Specialty Tours!

Our couple on tour today enjoyed scenic Hawaii views from all around the island. They took beautiful pictures against the panoramic views of the sea cliffs and turquoise water of Makapuu to create unforgettable memories. Our guests enjoyed visiting multiple other pristine Windward beaches before heading to Kawai Nui Marsh, which is known for the legendary Hawaiian goddess, Hauwahine. It’s said that Hauwahine ensured the Hawaiian people would be supplied with enough fish if they kept the marsh maintained. She is often described as a giant lizard who could also take the form of a beautiful woman. After learning some history and mythology, as well as enjoying the gorgeous views from boulders that have formed at this location, it was time to continue our tour.

Next up, it was time for our guests to grab local Hawaiian plate lunches. We ordered lunch to go and took it onto a beautiful and completely secluded beach to eat. After we were all full and finished with lunch, we continued on to check out Laie Point, a location where a famous scene from Forgetting Sarah Marshall had been filmed. The scenic spot, with its volcanic landscape and view of an islet with a gaping hole in it made for some great pictures. We also watched locals cliff diving into the ocean.

A perfect spot to unwind, we next headed off the beaten path to the beautiful Kualoa Park and Secret Beach. We enjoyed a leisurely stroll through the forest of ironwood trees and coconut palms, stopping to take pictures at a beautiful, large banyan tree. Then we made our way over to the bay. Once on the beach, the couple collected coral as they walked the shoreline. After finding a spot to sit down to relax, they made an adorable heart in the sand with their coral, which of course was a moment we had to capture with a picture.

Next, it was time to show our guests a few more hidden gems on the North Shore and find some Hawaiian sea turtles (honu). After relaxing on and swimming at some of the island’s most majestic beaches, we ended our day with everyone’s favorite treat – shave ice! It was our guests’ first time trying it, and they savored every bite before it was time to end our day and head back to their resort.

Our guests had a great day playing in paradise! They had such a wonderful time that they tipped their tour guide a brand-new pair of hiking boots considering they worked for one of the most famous Hiking boot companies in the world, Merrell! It was a magical day that all will remember!

If you want to book a Hawaii Jeep & Specialty Tour please email us or give us a call...We book out fast. Don't want till the last minute to book a tour of a lifetime!

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