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Updated: Feb 10, 2019

Specializing in a Custom Snorkeling Tour is not something anyone can just do...It takes expertise, guidance, years of experience and planning to do it, but we can!

Although we have a list of Tours we provide at Hawaii Jeep & Specialty Tours we can provide any specialized and custom tour you desire as long as planning does into your one of a kind Tour of the island.

We pride ourselves on offering a list of Tours that no one offers, but also offering Tours we don't even list.

Ever go to a Restaurant and ask the waitress if you can order off the menu? I think we all know, those specialty items the Executive Chef has in the back of the Kitchen. We'll, that's EXACTLY what we do here at Hawaii Jeep & Specialty Tours!

Creating a Customizable Snorkeling Tour is no easy task...Too many people come to Hawaii with way too many assumptions when it comes to snorkeling or diving in Hawaiian waters. You MUST know the weather and water conditions when planning your once in a lifetime day of Snorkeling in Hawaii and those conditions can change on a moments notice! This makes keeping a party of Snorkelers safe very difficult.

There are reasons why so many Tour companies DON'T offer Custom Snorkeling Tours...You need guides with the proper education, expertise, and years of experience in local waters. If you don't have that, you are taking a risk of something happening.

Today when you hear of Snorkeling Tours it's a quick Bus Ride to HANAUMA BAY...The Tourist Snorkeling Capital of Hawaii...Well, over the years this place has see a considerable amount of foot traffic from Tourists...too much in fact, with devastating effects from Reef destruction to loss of Tourists lives. NO HANAUMA BAY FOR US!

Vacationers and Tourists a like assume because it's snorkeling it's a relatively light impact activity that they can do it...That simply isn't the case! Snorkeling in Hawaiian Waters are a relatively impactful activity and if you are not in good shape or are too old for such activities you can find yourself in a very unfortunate predicament in a relatively short amount of time.

At Hawaii Jeep & Specialty Tours we will plan your Custom Snorkeling day well in advance to ensure you will be fully capable of Snorkeling in Hawaiian waters and in specific locations around the islands. We'll ensure you safety as we go over the safety precautions before we enter the water at each location. We'll cover the water conditions at each location and tell you what to look for and how to keep close and in touch with your entire party while in the water.

Because we spend so much time setting up your Snorkeling adventure with us we HIGHLY recommend you book at least 30 days in advance on such off the beaten path, one of a kind adventures. Planning your Snorkeling adventure is also most conducive to the Summer months between MAY-OCT.

Months outside those time frames are not safe in Hawaiian waters and for safety conditions your Custom Snorkeling adventure can be cancelled the night before your tour. Safety comes first for our guests and no money or life is more important than that. We put our guests first and will reimburse the cost of the tour 100% if the cancellation is because of weather related conditions.

If we do get you on a Specialty Snorkeling Tour with us, depending on water conditions, expect to visit such beautiful places such as: KUILIMA COVE, SHARKS COVE, THE FISH POND LOGOONS, MAKAHA BEACH, QUEENS BEACH, THREE TABLES, WAIMEA BAY, ELECTRIC BEACH & others.

Please remember we offer many Custom Tours NOT listed under our Tours page. We often post our Specialty and Custom Tours right here on our Blog page to let you know the many options and idea we have on making your day special.

If you are interested in a Specialty Tour just created for your family please contact us and lets talk story at:

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