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Sunset SPECIALTY Tours

What’s the best way to experience all the diverse beauty of Oahu in just one day? Hawaii Jeep and Specialty Tours can show you! During this Sunset Specialty Tour, we took our guests through a jungle, into a bamboo forest, down a stream, by an old irrigation system, to a waterfall, to many beaches, across the Windward ridgelines, and more all in one day! And most importantly, we ended our adventure with a magnificent sunset on the North Shore before heading back.

Hawaii’s landscape drastically differs depending where you are on the island. This morning, we began our day by taking our guests on a hike through the lavish jungle. It was a bit of a workout, but the payoff at the end of this hike was a mind-blowing waterfall! Our guests embraced the beauty of the nature throughout the hike, stopping to take photos at some hidden gems dispersed throughout the hiking trail.

The family was enamored with a cool tree that had roots growing down boulders. Once we reached our destination, our guests were happy to wade through the waterfall to relax, cool off, and of course get some great family pictures. Once the guests tired of swimming under the waterfall, we explored a bamboo forest before heading on to our next destination.

After a few more stops, it was time to explore the heavenly Windward ridgelines! We took our guests for a quick climb up to a divine scenic lookout that showcases the endless shades of blue of the ocean. We continued to stop at beautiful, scenic beaches along the way until we made our way to a local food truck so the family could try plate lunches.

After lunch, we continued exploring the coast as we made our way up to the North Shore to end our day. Once on the North Shore, we had to stop for some local shave ice! Then, it was time to explore a stretch of some of the most beautiful beaches on the island. We watched Honu (Hawaiian sea turtles) lounging at Haleiwa Beach, and we even did some shopping in Haleiwa town. Then, we stopped at Ted’s Bakery for mouth-watering chocolate coconut haupia pie. Continuing on with our beaches, we stopped at Sunset Beach and Bonzai Pipeline. We took the guests to Waialua Sugarcane Mill to sample local coffee and chocolates.

After an 11 hour full day of adventuring, there was only one thing left to do on this family’s agenda, and that was to find one last beach where they could sit down, relax, and watch a magnificent and infamous Hawaiian sunset. Making our way over to a perfect spot, this sunset did not disappoint! The family got to go for one last swim and then enjoy a vibrant, yet peaceful sunset before it was time to head back to their resort.

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