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Updated: Jan 5, 2023

There's not many options for the Solo Traveler when it comes to Exclusive & Private's just not profitable for tour companies. However, here at Hawaii Jeep & Specialty Tours we Specialize in Solo Private Tours for the adventurous Traveler because it's not so much about the money with us as it is about taking you on an experience of self discovery!

When it comes to our custom Tours we are well aware that more and more travelers are visiting prime destinations like Hawaii as Solo Travelers. For them the options are HIGHLY limited because it's not cost effective for a Exclusive and Private Tour business to put a Master Guide and an ENTIRE VEHICLE out for one person when they can put far more people in a vehicle and make easily TRIPLE THE MONEY of a Solo Traveler. For a Solo Traveler their choices are to go on a large Bus or Van Tour with 20-70 people ...Although we make very little profits from Solo tours...we feel that everyone deserves to see Hawaii as a Local...even as a Solo Traveler PRIVATELY!

Here at Hawaii Jeep & Specialty Tours we couldn't allow Solo guests not to experience HAWAII Safely on their own with a Master Guide. To lose the ability to have a solo adventure with he opportunity to have a self awakening isn't acceptable to us!

We know what it means to be given a personal and private service and just because you are a Solo Traveler doesn't mean you should miss the opportunity to have such an eye opening experience. Being that we charge $189.00 per Person on average with a minimum 2 people ($378.00) we needed to come up with a price that would benefit both parties, the jeep business and the Solo Traveler so we came up with a price that would be acceptable for both parties even though profits are minimum.

Solo Tours can are customizable and planned out 30 days or more in advance with your guide if you book early enough so that the Tour consists of exactly what you want to do and what you want to see and at the price of $300.00 (A Cost below the 2 person minimum on our tours) for a 5 HOUR half Day Tour of the Island with your own private open Jeep and can't go wrong for such personal service!

Many of our Solo Travelers are the most adventurous and we like it that way...there's a reason they travel the world alone...they seek not only an experience they can't get anywhere else, but they also seek a soulful adventure that allows them to rediscover themselves. We wouldn't allow the Solo Traveler not to have an outlet like that and so we created the SOLO EXPERIENCE!

May it be a ridge hike or perhaps Waterfall hunting or maybe a day of trying Food from every corner of the island or being a total Beach Bum day to sightseeing...We'll plan and plot out your itinerary for the day with you depending on what you want to do and see. So if you are a SOLO Traveler come join us for the SOLO EXPERIENCE...Just email us personally and lets start planning your adventure with us!

Lets go on an Adventure:

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