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Aunty Leolani is the Horse Whisperer of Legacy Horsemanship. Here Leolani teaches the balance of respect, trust and confidence deep within yourself that are necessary for humane horseback riding. She does Horseback Training as well as Horseback Tours. Riders and visitors develop a strong understanding of horses and their body languages and signals. Lessons utilize a non-threatening approach and instruct the fundamentals of basic horsemanship and riding.

We head to KAHANA Bay and Valley on the far East Side of Oahu. There we meet with the Horse Whisperer LEOLANI BUAN GACETA and her Kahana Valley Horses...The Aloha Spirit is alive and well in Kahana valley with Leolani's Love for her horses and Hawaii. She is a true ambassador of living the Aloha life here in Hawaii Nei. We sit down and talk with Leolani about the history of Kahana valley, her ohana and surviving in today's Hawaii.

If you are interested in meeting Leolani and her Horses to take a Horse lesson, get pictures or go ride on the beach or in the mountainous valleys of Kahana you can contact her and make an appointment mention WAYDE of Hawaii Jeep & Specialty Tours SENT YOU. PLEASE contact her and introduce yourself.


Leolani's Facebook page:

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