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We head DEEP into the Forbidden parts of Manoa valley, with Wayde and Crew, where old Villages once stood back in the day when Manoa was just being settled.

Many parts of Manoa are not traveled often and this part of Manoa is well known for its 7 BRIDGES that connect over the River bed to these villages. With a Dark past this Section of Manoa is Haunted and full of evil spirits, including the Night Banshee and Kamapua'a himself...

The half Pig/half Man Demigod that had an extensive Relationship with Pele herself. Kamapua'a tends to play tricks on people and many times those who enter this trail cross 7 Bridges, but on the way out, if they find the way out, usually never cross 7 bridges. This time we crossed 7 Bridges going in, but exited 5 Bridges going out...this is very common so please don't get lost...

Also to ensure and protect you and others from the not so nice spirits of this valley wear your Ti Leaves on your person somewhere so that they will not be able to follow you out of the valley and get into your home...It's happened to us...and it's no fun!

Head on over and Join Wayde and Crew on Yotube: WAYDES WORLD HAWAII

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