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Updated: Jul 7, 2018

It was great taking these twins out for a MAUKA to MAKAI (Mountain to Sea) Half Day adventure tour where they get to see a little of everything in only four hours!

On our Half Day Tour it's all about getting you immersed in the island in 4 hours...We'll take you into the mountains on an amazing ridge hike and take you deep into the jungle for a fun waterfall hike...between the both of them we'll grab lunch to go and hit up a private Beach!

This tour is essentially a Hiking and Beach Adventure that takes you to some of Oahu’s most popular landmarks and lookouts, so you can quickly see what this Gathering Place is most famous for on this Island. From jagged coastlines to sprawling sandy beaches, we do our best to plan out the perfect Half Day for you. On this tour we cruised along the Windward coast and check all the favorite sights that the south east coast has to offer. We took our first big adventure of the day up a beautiful Ridge Hike to World War II Bunkers. This is always a great photo opportunity to capture a view not often seen by vacationers or even local hikers, as few hike this ridge off the paved path.

The Ridge is a 2 hour moderate hike for novice newcomers which offers stunning vistas. After the hike we took the young ladies to enjoy a picnic lunch at one of Oahu’s most secluded beaches on the Windward side...calm turquoise waters to refresh in and Ironwood pines that whisper in the wind. This area is a great respite from the crowds of Waikiki. We grabbed a To-Go Plate Lunch at one of the local spots in the area and head to this secluded beach. After lunch we made a trek deep into the tropical rainforest for a beautiful Valley Hike to a Waterfall. It is a well-hidden gem deep in the rainforest, this large waterfall is found down off the Old Pali Road built in the 1800′s and is a relatively easy hike for newcomers. Once we reach the waterfall the girls took a dip in the fresh waters to cool off from the days hiking. 

This is a great day for the whole family to enjoy, we’re introducing you to the best the island offers in a very local way from Ridges and Beaches to Waterfalls all in 4 hours.


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