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Traversing Oahu with the GUZMAN FAMILY (Ozzie Style)

Becoming the #1 Hawaii Jeep Tour company with ALL 5 STAR Ratings isn't an easy task, but it's something we take the highest pride in. Between giving our Guests the Ali'i and Royal Treatment to Protecting and sustaining the islands with our nonprofit. What we do for our guests and the people of Hawaii is a cut about all other Tour businesses.

When the Guzman Family contacted us they got word from friends that the best time they had in Hawaii was with Hawaii Jeep & Specialty Tours and so they gave us a GO!

The day with us was well planned out and we started to communicate months before to ensure the Guzman's had a full 10 hour day to remember. They wanted a tour where we created a day where they didn't feel like Tourists, but instead felt like locals. That was their top request and naturally we accommodated!

One thing that was well known from the start...The family loved JEEPS and it was a BIG SURPRISE for Daughter Lex to be touring in a Highly Modified Safari Jeep so it was essential she didn't find out about it until the moment we drove up. Once we did it was CLEAR her love of Jeeps was on full display!

With us this wasn't just about Touring the Guzman Family was about surprises all along the way during our day and taking their expectation of our time together to heart. We wanted to fulfill everything they wanted to do and WE DID!

They wanted to relax on this Adventure, have quality family time, get in the ocean and sun bathe. We set aside several hours of the day to just allow them to do that and we let them know when it was time to move on to the next location...if we didn't they would have just stayed on those beaches all When the kids started to get hungry we discussed lunch...we never expected to hear where they wanted to go...

You would think a Group of OZZIES would be interested in getting some LOCAL KINE HAWAIIAN GRINDZ, but what these Ozzies wanted was the BEST DAMN PIZZA on island...Naturally with the Owner of Hawaii Jeep & Specialty Tours being from BOSTON he brought them to his friends Bob's Pizzeria in Kailua's ONO!

Spending a day with Hawaii Jeep & Specialty Tours is more than just a's a vision and way of life. We set high expectations for ourselves and we want every guests to experience what living in Hawaii is all about because it's all about "LIVING THE ALOHA LIFE" and making friends and creating new ohana. When guests return to Hawaii we consider them ohana and from that point on they receive discounts. As for their friends and family members they send our way...they as well receive discounts.

We covered the best of all worlds on this day...Hidden beaches, sacred temples, sort hikes on ridge lines and rock face scrambles...Farmers markets as well as coffee, cacao and mac nut farms. Shopping, Hawaiian Shave Ice as well as some of the most intense Surfing beaches on the North Shore. We also covered many of the hidden gems where many Hollywood movies have been filmed. The Guzman's wanted a little bit of everything and they got it. This is what we do here at Hawaii Jeep & Specialty Tours. We want to ensure the guests gets to see why we live and love Hawaii Nei.

Our day together flew by after 10 adventurous hours...The Sun was setting and it was time to head back to the hustle and bustle of Waikiki...Honestly the Guzman Family didn't want to go back, but all good things must come to an end and so everyone hugged, shook hands and said Aloha...Once again visitors have now became friends.

When you are ready to get serious about your once in a lifetime trip to Hawaii get your Hawaii Jeep Tour booked with us first and start planning months in advance!

We pride ourselves on working with you on your Custom and Specialized tour for your family or friends. Don't wait till the last minute...we book up to a month in Advance!

Want to book a Tour with us? HAWAII JEEP & SPECIALTY TOURS

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