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Our Journey takes us deep into the Ko'olau Mountain Range as we camp across the KST. Here we are able to get away from the hussel and bussel of the Honolulu city lights, here we are free to venture and explore God's Country.

On an island of 1 million people, one may think of a sprawling metropolis. One filled with the stresses of life. But on a remote spot on the island, a sanctuary lies hidden away, waiting to offer a place to meditate.

To get away. To free your soul. Over the course of a 48 hour span, we hiked to the top of the Ko‘olaus and camped upon a flattened ridge where we could see the East and North of our island paradise. The warmth of the sunset shined on our faces as we took in each breath knowing that it was going to be cold overnight and into the following morning.

We woke up to a sunrise of beauty, but with the ever changing weather of Hawai‘i Nei, the clouds came in fast as we were starting to pack our things. On our way out, the clouds lifted, revealing the majestic views of the untouched windward side and the mighty peaks of the Wai‘anae Mountain Range.

Our final leg of the journey took place in our minds reliving the past 48 hours...the pathway home was clear, along with our souls, fresh and ready to head back to the reality of living the price for paradise.

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