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Updated: Jul 7, 2018

The West Side Off Roading Safari Jeep, Beach & Hiking Experience is ONE of a KIND here on the island of Oahu and we are the only ones doing it! We take pride in this tour for it's originality...Lets just say it's a SPECIALTY of ours!

Heading to the West Side is something very few visitors get to see, let alone enjoy...We saw that this untouched side of the island was in need of some love! Those visiting have to understand however that this isn't a side that caters to visitors. This side is for LOCALS only and the truth is we prefer it that way. That's why we would NEVER EVER bring more than 4 people on this tour to this side of the island...anymore would be BEYOND DISRESPECTFUL and here at Hawaii Jeep & Specialty Tours we are all about respecting the local people and the privacy they so cherish so much here.

Considering we travel in such small groups (2-4 people) no one ever sees us anyway and that's the idea! We want to blend in as much as possible so that we aren't even noticed! The West side really takes you to a part of the island that's RAW & UNTOUCHED by tourism and we want it to stay that way. When it comes to one of the #1 vacation destinations in the world and in the United States that's impressive!

Today we started with a scenic drive along the West Coast of Oahu. Once reaching "ISLANDS END", the jumping off point of Hawaiian Souls, we headed out and walk by foot to the hidden Gem of SECRET BEACH and made our way to HEART SHAPE CAVE. After we got back in our Jeep we stopped at Yok's Beach and then make our way to Makua Cave, the home and resting spot of the Hawaiian Shape Shifting Shark Demigod, NANAUE. Once we jumped in our off Roading Jeep we made our way to Makua Valley and took our Journey OFF ROAD along one of the most pristine coastlines on Oahu.

With the West side being so untouched you practically have it to yourself, but it's essential that if you have the privilege to be here you should also respect the aina (land) and obey any signs and always remember the LNT (Leave No Trace) Policy.

Once we got our fill of off roading we worked our way to Makaha beach and then Baby Makaha where we went on our Hiking Experience up the Technical Rock Face of BLACK ROCK RIDGE and Lahilahi Point. This short yet intensive Hike is always one of the highlight of our days adventure as the views from the top of Black Rock always take your breath away!

After the hike, we head to the beautiful POKAI BAY to sun and bathe in one of the most pristine bays in all of Hawaii. After our fill of sun and sand we got in our Jeep and begin our drive back to the resort.

The ladies didn't want the day to end so we ended up at the oldest and most famous Tiki Bar in all of Hawaii...The La Mariana Sailing Club Tiki Bar for amazing Pupu's and Drinks. Once the ladies got some ZOMBIES in them and had a yummy late lunch we headed back to Waikiki with big smiles on their faces! Another day in paradise!

If any of you are down for doing something different this time while on the islands Book our WEST SIDE TOUR for Off-Roading, amazing beaches, incredible hiking and sight seeing of locations you've never seen before!

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