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Why choose a Hawaii Jeep Tour?

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

You spend a lot of time planning and paying for your Hawaii Vacation. Such a trip is never cheap, but that shouldn't mean you skimp on actually seeing the islands. There are a million different Tour companies that can show you Hawaii...Bus tours or Van tours, but few to none actually put personal service above anything else and do it in Jeeps. Choosing between the companies that put personal and private service first can get confusing, but we are here to tell you why choosing a Hawaii Jeep Tour makes all the difference in the world!


Nothing is more FREEING than riding in a Highly Modified Open Door Safari Jeep!

This is the way Hawaii should be explored! Open door and open top where you feel, smell and sense all the elements Hawaii has to offer and you SEE the biggest and largest views possible while riding in these one of a kind Rigs without doors. No other Tour business can claim they ACTUALLY TOUR guests in such Modified Safari Rigs!


We do what you want to do and we do it at your own pace! There is no Tour Business in the Hawaii industry including ANY and ALL Copy Cats of our Jeep Business that don't put time restraints on their Tours. ALL other tours companies do group and semi-Private tours...why even call it a Semi-Private tour when it's not even private?'s a scam word that others use and a word that just doesn't jive with us!

These businesses take you to less location, spend less time with you and charge you more money! Companies swindle their customers making them pay for full day tours, yet only show them 5-7 Hours worth of the islands. WE DON'T DO THAT...PERIOD! Most of our Tours last over 8 hours...on average 9-10! For us the bottom dollar is not what matters...what maters is making friends and sometimes spending the day from Dawn to Dusk with them to ensure they are able to see everything they possibly can before their return to their Resort. We love what we do and we have no better place to be than with our guests for the day!


That's what going on a Hawaii Jeep Tour is all about! You don't want to be treated nor do you wish to look like a Tourist. You want to feel like you belong, you want to feel like this is your home and you want to see and do what other people who live here do.

We pride ourselves on getting in touch with our guests and building a friendship from the first few hours of your tour. By time your day is over it will feel as if you spent your day with an old friend who you cruzed around the island with.


One of our slogans is: "Making the smallest footprint on our Earth and educating our guests on how to preserve and protect our island home."

We stick by these claims and running the LARGEST VOLUNTEER BASED nonprofit in Hawaii we have to! Once again we pride ourselves for the work we do on Tour and off. To ensure we create the smallest possible footprints on our tours we only do ONE TOUR A DAY , 5 DAYS A WEEK with only 2-6 people. NO ONE in the tour industry can claim what we have done with our Tours and the nonprofit that works beside it! When you go on tour with us you know you are not only making the smallest footprint, but you are securing Hawaii for future generations as well as expanding the reach of our environmental nonprofit to do good for these remote and cherished islands.


All our Guides are MASTERS of their craft...they have been in the industry for 12 years or more...the are some of the most charming and corky personalities you'll ever come across and maybe that's why so many guests comment on how they made a new friend in their reviews of the tours they took with us. The guests memories don't end after their day with us because ALL of our guides are professional local photographers and the guest will have memories that last a lifetime!


We do tours's our SPECIALTY, but we also are here for you Before and After your Tour. If you have questions, modifications or specific things you want to do on your tour we'll discuss them with you in email extensively to ensure you get exactly what you wanted and paid for. We'll also discuss anything with you that may not be Tour related so that you get a locals advice on planning your Hawaii vacation. When it comes to after your tour, don't worry...We aren't going to disappear now that you paid us and your tour is over. If you still have a lot of days in your vacation left and need more advice about things to do, places to eat...anything...we are here for you!


When going on a PRIVATE TOUR the numbers are minimal and that means you'll be going to all the Local hideouts and secret places. We can do this because you won't be in a large group. This allows us to get in and get out of special, less visited locations without detection and that's why you choose a business like us. This will also allow us to visit sacred burial grounds and Hawaiian temples. Being in such a small private tour it will allow your guide to teach you the proper etiquette when it comes to sacred cultural Hawaiian sites and allow you to get up close and personal without disruption. Lastly because it's just you and your friends or family you'll have complete flexibility on what you see, what you don't, when you stop, when you want to eat, use the rest rooms and when you want to stay longer or move on from a certain location. It also give you the ability to change your Tour on the fly and even go from a Waterfall Tour to a Food Tour mid way through your day. As long as we are capable or as long as it's feasible we'll do it. We cater to the guest first and we want the guests to have memories that last a lifetime!


Tour companies often pick up and drop off long after or long before SUNRISES & SUNSETS...they stick to their's what THEY ALL DO...Well, WE DON'T! We are well aware that Sunrises and Sunsets are several hours before or after your tour...We get it...We understand, however we also know that we intend on putting the best tour possible out there for you and if you request a Sunrise to start your tour or a Sunset...WE WILL DO IT FOR YOU and at NO CHARGE...Try getting another Tour company to promise you that!

So before you choose what company you want showing you the islands consider what you want in a tour first...once you do, we hope you consider giving us a call.

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